Tech University of Korea
International Admission Information – Degree Course

Admission Process



Nationality & Academic Requirement

All applicants must meet one of the following conditions;
a) Applicant and both parents must be non-Korean citizens and applicant must have completed or expect to complete primary and secondary education prior to admission.
b)Applicant must be non-Korean citizen who completed or expect to complete primary and secondary in non-Korean nation(s) prior to admission.

Additionally, transfer applicants must meet one of the following conditions;
a) Was enrolled in a 4 year university for more than 4 semesters (excluding summer and winter terms) and have registered and completed or expected to complete sophomore year based on the definition of the enrolled university and earned required credits.
b)Was enrolled in a 2~3 year community colleges either internationally or domestically and received or is expected to receive a degree.

Language Proficiency

Applicants must have obtained a TOPIK level 3 or above.

Applicants satisfying the transfer academic requirements are eligible to apply for the freshmen admissions.

The following applicants are NOT considered currently eligible for admission as international undergraduates :
1) Korean citizens (including applicants with dual citizenship)
2) Applicants who have lost their Korean citizenship less than two years ago.

Please note that credits transfer applicants earned at previous institutions will be transferred according to Tech University of Korea policies. Although the applicant is typically admitted as a third year student, the timeframe for graduation depends on the number of credits eligible for transfer.


Admission Unit Freshman Transfer
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Design Engineering
Department of Mechatronics Engineering
Faculty of Electronics Engineering Major in Electronics Engineering
Major in IT Convergence Engineering
Faculty of Computer Engineering Major in Computer Engineering
Major in Software
Faculty of Game & Multimedia Engineering Major in Game & Multimedia Engineering
Major in Entertainment Computing
Department of Advanced Materials Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology
Department of Nano-optical Engineering
Department of Energy & Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Design Major in Industrial Design
Major in Convergence Design
Major in Industrial Design Engineering
Faculty of Business Administration Major in Business Administration
Major in e-Business

Required Application Materials

No. Document- Freshmen Transfer Note
1 Application for Degree Course The application must be filled out in Korean and submitted offline to International Relations Center
2 Personal Information
3 Statement of purpose
4 Financial Sponsor Certification
5 Official authorization for inquiry into enrollment and academic credit
6 Academic verification information
7 Certificate of TOPIK level
8 Official high transcript and diploma (or expected date of graduation) Documents must be verified by the Korean Embassy to his/her country or Embassy of his/her country to Korea or apostilled
9 Diploma(or completion certificate) and transcript of previously attending university X
10 A legal,state-issued certificate of family registry, which verifies applicant’s family relationship and shows the nationality of applicant’s parents - If a parent has deceased: a document confirming the death is additionally needed
-If the parents are divorced: a document confirming the divorce is additionally needed
11 Copy of passport
12 A copy of the Alien Registration Card issued by Korean Ministry of Justice
13 Applicant’s or sponsor’s bank certificate indicating minimum deposit of $13,000. Certificate must be issued within 3 months of submission. * If the applicant is a scholarship student a Guarantee of Finance certificate is needed from the sponsoring government. For alternative confirmation of financial status, the applicant must consult International Relations Center
14 Registration fee KRW 100,000
15 Health check This is required of admitted students
16 Health insurance policy

Important Notes

a) Documents must be translated and notarized if the original document is not in Korean or English

b) Transcripts and diplomas issued by non-Korean academic institutions must be verified and certified by the Korean Embassy in the applicant’s country or in the applicant’s country’ embassy to Korea.If the institution is located in a member state that recognizes Apostille Verification, it may be attached.

c) All materials must be original. Submitting copies of the original documents are allowed, but copies must be checked with the original by a KPU official.

d) Applicants who have not graduated from high school at the time of application must submit a certificate of graduation to International Relations Center.

e) Admitted students must apply for student visa independently.

f) Admission committee may request additional documents for admission review.

g) Upon admission, based on the Official Authorization for Inquiry into Enrollment and Academic Credit, Korea Polytechnic University can contact applicant’s previous institution to verify the authenticity of academic documents.

h) Before, during and after admission, if there is a problem with the documents authenticity, eligibility, exam cheating, etc., admission will be revoked and the paid tuition will not be refunded.

i) Depending on the student’s situation International Relations Center can decide to add or reduce the submission documents.

Selection Process

Documents Screening Language Proficiency Interview
Pass/Fail Pass/Fail Pass/Fail

•Confirmation for admitted students will notified individually.

•If an admitted student gives up the enrollment opportunity, s/he must notify the intent at once.

KPU Scholarships

Scholarship Name Eligibility Benefits
Language excellence Applicants who submitted TOPIK level 3 or higher at the designated application period, for the first semester after admission TOPIK level 6: full tuition
TOPIK level 5: 80% of tuition
TOPIK level 4: 60% of tuition
TOPIK level 3: 50% of tuition
GPA excellence Enrolled students whose GPA of the previous semester is over 2.0, for that semester GPA 4.0 or higher: full tuition
GPA 3.5 or higher: 70% of tuition
GPA 3.0 or higher: 60% of tuition
GPA 2.5 or higher: 50% of tuition
GPA 2.0 or higher: 40% of tuition

• Scholarships apply to students who entered KPU through International Admission process.

• GPA excellence scholarship applies to students with health insurance and TOPIK level 4 or higher effective until the end of relevant semester.